Beauty Buzz: Hot New Picks for 2012

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The New Year is finally upon us. Want to know how to look and feel your very best? Editor-in-Chief of, Laura Kenney has the scoop on the best beauty buys for achieving a look that's all you this New Year!

Where do we start?

Laura: Well of course skincare is key especially in the winter months and treating the root causes of your skin, rather than just the visible symptoms is so important for maintaining a good skincare regimen. DDF, an innovative skincare brand is actually now providing dermatologist inspired skin assessments for free, at select Sephora store events across the country. It's a tool that grades skin’s appearance at a microscopic level...looking at wrinkles, pores, skin tone evenness, skin clarity, and skin sensitivity, helping you determine what products are best for you. Check out DDF’s facebook page to find an event in your area.

And a cult favorite skincare item that I love especially in the winter months to keep skin hydrated is Bio-Oil. It has the breakthrough ingredient purcellin oil which allows for the vitamins and botanical extracts to be absorbed into the skin without leaving a residue behind. It’s light and non-greasy and works to maximize skin’s elasticity, eliminate scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It even tames fly aways on your hair and nourishes your cuticles! For under $12 it’s really a great beauty deal at the drugstore.

What about makeup trends?

Laura: When it comes to makeup an amazing new product is PH Matchmaker™ PH powered blush by Physicians Formula, which is the first ever blush powered by you. It actually reacts to light and your natural PH level, just one sweep and it highlights, contours and adds radiance to the cheeks in just 60 seconds. Lasts all day, up to 14 hours...$12.95. They also have a bronzer that works the same way. for a warm, natural glow that totally matches youjust under $15 bucks...they have lip gloss too.

And of course everyone always wants fuller looking lashes and brows! Check out Rapidlash. It’s a paraben-free eyelash enhancing serum that helps condition at the lash line, and makes your lashes appear healthier, stronger and fuller looking. You don’t need a prescription for it, it’s a cosmetic, an over the counter product. Packed with vitamins and moisturizers that add shine and elasticity. It's also great for improving the appearance of sparse eyebrows.
Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist and easy, just apply it once nightly to your lashes and brows and see results in as little as 30 days. Guaranteed results in just one tube.

Sponsored by: DDF, Bio Oil, RapidLash, Physicians Formula