Hayden Panettiere and Her Celeb Makeup Artist Launch Online Beauty Series

The Nashville star along with her beauty guru bestie, Amy Oresman show us how to get the star's gorgeous look

From the LifeMinute team

March 11th, 2014

Country music's favorite bad girl Hayden Panettiere, aka Juliette Barnes from the hit ABC show "Nashville", and her celebrity makeup artist, Amy Oresman debut a three part beauty series tomorrow, March 12th at abc.com/Nashville. The dynamic duo gave us a sneak peak of a few of their favorite products and glam tips for getting the star's signature look on and off the show.

For the face, their number one is Neutrogena's "amazing" new Nourishing Long Wear Foundation. It doubles as a concealer and lasts up to 12 hours, which Hayden loves for those long days on set.
To add some color-- tie your lip and cheek together with the same hue. The girls both love the MoistureSmooth Color Sticks in "Juicy Peach." They're really hydrating for the lips and smell amazing. Complete the look by using the color stick also as a crme blush. Just blend it right in, then pop your eyes with mascara.
Amy and Hayden's go-to is the Healthy Volume Mascara by Neutrogena. It gives you the appearance of false lashes without the work of applying them. Self-proclaimed "lash lover" Hayden is addicted to the eye enhancing mascara that easily fits in any clutch.
"Don't forget about your hair, because your hair is a compliment accessory with your makeup," says Amy. "The Triple Repair Hair Care Line has saved my life," says the Nashville star, "I have blonde hair, and blow drying it every day, and putting excessive heat on it, and highlights...really does a number to it." She thanks the "amazing smelling" Leave-In Cream for getting her curly hair healthy again.
When it comes to tips, the one Amy tells all her clients is to make sure to wash your face every night and if you can't, makeup removing towelettes are just as great.
"Neutrogena makes an amazing pack," says Amy who likes to stash them under her pillow, when you hear the crinkle it reminds you to remove your makeup. Or you can keep 'em on your bedside table like Hayden.
Hayden also says beauty starts from the inside out. "With a schedule like I have, having any sort of routine is hard to come by, but we need to take care of ourselves," she says "drink lots and lots of water. It's great for your body and it's great for your skin."
She also says to try and get a workout in. "I'm not a huge fan of working out but I find it makes all the difference in the world if it's just 20 minutes on a treadmill or doing some Pilates, or yoga, or stretching...just something to keep your muscles fit and limber." Eating right is also important to the actress, "what we put in our bodies has a lot to do with our overall health and how our skin looks."
Amy says the number one rule for that, is to protect it from the sun. "Use a foundation with an SPF in it...so important, it will really keep your complexion beautiful and keep you looking young and fresh."
As for the hit show Nashville, Hayden reveals the best is yet to come. "It's been such a blast this season and where they kind have taken my character and the other characters and the storylines are definitely getting better and better so I can promise you, you have a lot to look forward to," she says.
Check out the entire beauty series and more on Nashville at www.abc.com/Nashville.

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