Red Carpet Beauty Round-Up

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So what were some of thehottest looks from the red carpet?

JF: Well, let's start at thetop with the hair, I actually have the inside scoop straight from the Wella Professionals and their top hairexperts. They noticed two predominant trends that really rocked the red carpet.

The first was thateffortlessly elegant and overtly feminine style, which we saw on stars like Madonna,Claire Danes and Shailene Woodley.

Their warm, glistening tonesreally brought ultra glam to the carpet.

They were all actually styledwith fabulous Wella products, so these beautiful and timeless styles areabsolutely attainable.

The other scene-stealingtrend to really pop on the red carpet was a retro 60's style, with a moderntwist.  This was popular on stars like, Nicole Richie, who sported ahigh ponytail and thick 60's fringe- to Michelle Williams' playful pixie (whichwas also styled using Wella).

Fabulous hair starts with agreat foundation. I love Wella Professionals Enrich shampoo, conditioner andtreatment-the celeb hair gurus call it the 'triple threat.'  It delivers lightweight moisture and leaves hairsoft, bouncy and full of radiant shine.

Another must- have favorite toprep your hair for the red carpet, or any big event, is Wella's Velvet Amplifier HairPrimer. Similar to how a makeup primer would prep your skin, it actually ampsup how your hair responds to other styling products-so you can create nearlyany look.

If you really want toshine like the stars- top off your style with Wella's Shimmer Delight Shinespray, for that ultra shimmer!

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What else can we do to getthat red carpet ready when it comes to skin and makeup?

JF: When you're getting readyfor a big event it's important to keep your skin moisturized in order toachieve that natural glow.

One brand loved bycelebrities and GG nominees including, Charlize Theron and Zooey Deschanel, is Cetaphil. They have an entire line ofcleansers and moisturizers but one in particular that I love, is the Cetaphil MoisturizingCream, it delivers intense moisture and is really great for the cold wintermonths when skin can become dry and irritated. It absorbs quickly into theskin, is fragrance free and non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores or irritatesensitive skin just apply liberally as often as needed, especially afterbathing while skin is still damp ($14.99 at drugstores.)

In terms of makeup--we sawthose fabulous Angelina red lips or very smokey eyes like Zooey Deschanel and SophiaVergara. An easy way to get the look is with Physicians Formula 's Shimmer Strips, they're palettes that actuallyenhance your own eye color and go on so smoothly to give you perfect coverage.With just a little bit of shimmer, they have a wet formula too, that you canactually use as a liner ($10.95 at mass market.)

Everyone knows that preppingskin and getting a perfect makeup look is crucial for a red carpet appearancebut it's just as important to take off all that makeup at night so skin stayslooking its best.

Neutrogenahas these makeup removing cleansing towelettes that are quick and easy touse.  After a long day, the last thingyou want to do is rinse your face over the sink. These make it simple to wipe awaythe dirt, oil and makeup.  They are soeffective they even remove waterproof mascara.

Sponsored by: Wella, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Physicians Formula 

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