Behind-The-Scenes at The Star-Studded Can-Do Awards Benefitting the New York Food Bank

Chefs and celebs alike supported the gala, which has helped provide 80 million free meals for New Yorkers in need.

“One in 5 New Yorkers needs the food bank for any meal that they get. One in 5 seniors uses the Food Bank or the Food Bank Pantry to get their meals on a regular basis.”
-Mario Batali, Emcee and Chef

“This just brings the awareness to the forefront again. It’s a very important thing.”
-Michael Symon, Emcee and Chef

“They have done great work incorporating all these groups in the city that want to end hunger.”
-Amy Hargreaves actress

“It’s hard to fathom that in a country like this people and children go to bed hungry.”
-Al Roker, News Anchor, The Today Show 

“All of us can do something, just a dollar can provide 5 meals. Donate your time. Go to a food pantry. Help out.”
-Katie Lee, Author and Food Critic

“Since starting FEED 10 years ago obviously our main objective is to help fight hunger, feeding children in some of the poorest countries around the world but it’s also been across America and especially here in NYC where I live and where my team is based.”
-Lauren Bush Lauren, Honoree and Founder, FEED

“Mario will not let me not come. Just kidding. As a chef, we are always feeding people. Sometimes that mouth is not a person that comes into your restaurant. It’s somebody who cannot meet the needs of their kids. It’s about helping everybody.”
-Carla Hall, Chef & Host, The Chew

“It’s an incredibly important institution and anything we can do to help families in need is something I want to spend my time doing.”
-Lela Loren, Actress

“Hunger is solvable. There is more that we all can do. It is our responsibility.”
-Margarette Purvis, president & CEO, Food Bank for New York City

“I’m not doing anything by showing up to talk about it.”
-Billy Crudup, actor