Comeback Kid Corey Feldman on Surviving and Thriving

The actor and musician is finally getting his due with two songs on the Billboard charts and the U.S. release of his 2006 film The Birthday

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

January 19, 2023

After years of being blacklisted for speaking out about the abuse he said he suffered as a child in Hollywood --- actor and musician, Corey Feldman, is finally getting his due. He has two songs on the billboard charts, a U.S. screening of his previously unreleased 2004 film The Birthday, and a newfound friendship with filmmaker and comedian Jordan Peele, who featured four of Feldman’s films during a special Lincoln Center series last week. Peele is also the proud owner of that prosthetic ear we told you about last year, the one Feldman wore in the ’86 film Stand By Me --- that he put up for auction.

Feldman stopped by our studios again last week while in town for the screening to tell us all about it and more.

This is a LifeMinute with Corey Feldman.

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