How to Downsize and Declutter Your Handbag

How to unload the baggage

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

August 17, 2023

Lugging around a bulky bag can burden your time and back. Here are ideas to help you lighten the load.

Slim Down a Fat Wallet
Most of us carry far more than we use in our wallets. It should contain the basics: your ID, driver’s license, credit card and/or debit card, and a little cash. Stash business cards, receipts, and loyalty cards at home until needed. Better yet, take photos of the business cards or create new contacts on your phone and check for apps to store loyalty cards.

Go Travel-Size
Try limiting yourself to three to five must-have cosmetics in your bag, such as concealer, lipstick and lip balm, translucent powder or oil blotting sheets, and makeup wipes. And convert large containers, tubes, and brushes with their travel-size buddies. The travel-sized product aisle at the drugstore can be your friend.

Ditch the Coins
Spare change may be one of the biggest culprits for a bulky bag or crammed wallet in your back pocket. Leave the coin purse behind.

Key’p it Simple
Pack your essential keys, phone, and charger. But leave keys at home that you do not use regularly. Opt for mini earphones or built-in microphones for on-the-go phone calls. Keep tablets at home and download apps on your smartphone for recreation instead.

Blitz the Bulk
Carrying around extra pounds of possessions in your purse can cause back and neck pain. Leave some of your daily stuff in your desk drawer. Keep necessities like a few adhesive bandages, antiperspirant wipes, antibiotic ointment packets, glasses, and meds, some of which you could request in sample sizes.

Widen the Strap
Consider an everyday handbag with wide and adjustable straps. Wider straps can more adequately distribute the weight of your purse to your shoulder, making the bag feel comfortable to carry around overall. That’s because the contact area of the strap increases as the strap width increases, which typically allows for better weight distribution and ease. Built-in compartments can help distribute the weight more evenly too.

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