5 Ways To Harness Confidence

Cultivate your inner strength

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

August 7, 2023

World Lion Day on August 10 raises attention to the challenges that the king of the jungle faces in the wild. In honor of the lion, representing strength and bravery, here are tips to tap into your inner strength and confidently roar.

Respond vs. React
Reactions are grounded in survival instinct where there is no time to deliberate. You are taking action back at someone or something. The more reacting we do, the less empowered we are. Responding is considerate and deliberate, presenting an opportunity to pause, rewind, and proceed more productively. Some experts believe that when people are reactive rather than responsive, they make poor judgments, which can lead to negative feelings about themselves. Whenever you think you’re about to react, take a beat and a deep breath and allow yourself to collect your thoughts before responding.

Embrace Vulnerability
Vulnerability can help us work through our emotions more effectively rather than pushing them away. Being emotionally open is also a sign of courage. You can become more resilient when you embrace what you are feeling, positive or negative. And being vulnerable can help us adopt more meaningful connections and relationships with others, building empathy. 

Reframe the Situation
Thought reframing is a strategy that helps you replace negative thoughts with a more helpful perspective. It creates a different way of looking at a challenging situation, person, or relationship by changing its meaning. Constructing an alternative response to a particular situation with a more positive spin can set into play changes in how you experience the rest of your day, building inner strength by noticing the thoughts, stopping them, then choosing more empowering thoughts.

Develop Self-Awareness
Research suggests self-awareness can help us to become better decision-makers. It can unburden you from assumptions and biases. As a result, you communicate with more clarity and intention. And greater self-awareness leads to greater self-confidence.

Focus on the Little Victories
Reveling in the small wins offers a motivation to break through the lesser challenges and move forward to achieve larger goals. Believing in your abilities and recognizing the little victories helps foster appreciation and the confidence to take action rather than procrastinate.

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