Bedroom Tips to Help You Sleep Better

How to clean your room to feel more relaxed and restful 

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

May 10, 2023

There are so many benefits to tidying up your room. A nationwide survey released by Clorox in 2018 found 80% reported feeling more relaxed, 60% less stressed, and 72% more productive in a clean space. And since we spend nearly half of our lifetimes in our beds, it’s crucial to make your room as neat as can be. In honor of National Clean Your Room Day (May 10), here are things to focus on when striving to make your room spotless.

Banish Dust
Not only is dust dirty looking, but it can build up and cause serious health problems, including allergies, asthmatic attacks, and even lung infections. Thoroughly dust curtains, furniture, fans, and lighting fixtures. And clear any cobwebs in room corners. To avoid dust settling, start at the top and work your way down. To finish up, vacuum the floor to suck up any dust that may have fallen to the ground.

Refresh the Sheets
A study by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that people who wash their bedding and sheets regularly reported 19% better rest at night than those who do not. Wash your sheets at least every other week to keep them clean. It is best to wash them in hot water, which kills most germs and takes care of dust mites that thrive in bedding.

Keep Clothes at Bay
If you constantly find excess articles of clothing lying around your room with no space in your closet for them, it may be time to throw some away. Toss or donate things you haven’t worn in six months. If you still need extra space, store seasonal clothing in another room during the off-season. You can also store clothing under the bed in a wardrobe rack, install shelves, or repurpose an old trunk or storage bench.

Clear the Clutter
The key to decluttering is to find a home for every item. When you find your dressers and desktops getting messy, opt for organizers for jewelry or papers to keep things in their assigned spots. Throw away things you no longer need or use. For the things that are staying, try to keep them out of view, in drawers or storage boxes.

Wipe Down Windows and Mirrors
Glass surfaces often get overlooked when cleaning your room. Wiping them down every month or two can help prevent window damage, protect indoor air quality and maintain your home's energy efficiency levels. Don’t forget the windowsills and blinds. Mirrors like windows can wear faster if not cleaned, so clean them every few weeks. You can use glass cleaner or make your own by combining one cup of water with one cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap in a spray bottle. Shake gently to mix, and apply the solution directly to the mirror. Let it sit for a few seconds, then wipe off the spray with a lint-free microfiber cloth or newspaper. Use a dry cloth to do a second swipe for a streak-free shine.

Get Fresh Air
Once your windows are spotless, open them up to get some fresh air in your room. Research shows ventilation in a room can reduce carbon dioxide levels to help you sleep more soundly.

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