Get Educated about Coin Battery Safety in Your Home

Emergency medicine physician, Dr. Joe Whittington shares critical information that may save your child’s life

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

March 28, 2024

While parents go to great lengths to protect their children and child proof their homes, they may not realize about the hidden dangers of lithium coin batteries that lurk throughout the home. We chatted with emergency medicine physician, Dr. Joe Whittington to share information that may save your child’s life.

Lithium coin batteries are the flat, round, 20mm ones, which are about the size of a nickel (and about the same size as a child’s esophagus), and are found in remote controllers, faux candles, car key fobs, and so much more all around the home, and send thousands of kids to the ER each year when accidentally swallowed – yet many parents remain unaware of the dangers of accidental ingestion.

Parents watch food allergies intently and finely chop grapes, childproof sockets, and lock the toilets. Car seats are checked and then double-checked 100 times more, but many parents are missing this one, one of the most dangerous items in their home - lithium coin batteries.

Young children are curious by nature, and part of their exploration of the world around them can include putting things in their mouths. This can be especially dangerous with lithium coin batteries and if accidentally swallowed, it can burn through the surrounding esophagus tissue in just 2 hours, causing serious harm. And Duracell is the only battery brand with a non-toxic bitter coating that discourages kids from accidentally swallowing them. Duracell Lithium Coin Batteries with Bitter Coating come in child-secure packaging which is nearly impossible to open without scissors, making sure little hands - and mouths - cannot access them.

And with this, Duracell is also on a mission to educate parents on the importance of lithium coin battery safety and encouraging all to choose their lithium coin batteries with bitter coating to power their devices. When shopping just look for Duracell’s iconic copper and black packaging at and in Walmart stores and the ‘bitter taste’ icon on their lithium coin batteries. Learn more at

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