Home-Made (sort-of) Gifts for Mom and More...

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Erica Domesek, do-it-yourself (DIY) expert and founder of “P.S.- I made this” offers up some original ideas on how to make this Mother’s Day extra special for the woman who puts everyone else first!

What better way to show Mom your appreciation for her than by pampering her?

“Now one of my favorite gifts out there for your mom is the Suki Deluxe Nourishing Travel Kit. Now this is $41.95 -- it’s available at Sukiskincare.com,” says Erica. The kit comes with all the necessities needed to rejuvenate, moisturize and protect skin, and it holds all travel-sized versions of Suki’s bestsellers: the exfoliate foaming cleanser, the moisture-rich cleansing lotion and the nourishing crème mask and moisturizer.

“And it comes in this beautiful bamboo case. Now all these products are 100% synthetic-free. And they are clinically proven to show results, so she will love this gift,” says Erica. If you’d rather make a gift than buy one, there are plenty of ways that you can create your own present for Mom.

“Nothing says “I love you” more than something personal and handmade,” says Erica.

The DIY guru’s latest obsession is customizing Cellairis cell phone cases. And Cellairis’ newly launched Shout! makes it easy to create your own cell phone and iPad cases. Go to cellairis.com or download the app with Cellairis Shout! and upload photos, graphics or texts from your phone, Instagram or even Facebook.

Erica says, “These are great storytelling cases and, you know, if you are not as crafty, and it’s a little difficult, don’t worry, because you can purchase the collection that I created with Cellairis on ‘P.S.-I made this.’ They have really fun, vibrant, cool patterns and fun sayings.”

Erica suggests another way to treat Mom to something creative is to make your own jewelry or decorate champagne glasses with nail polish. “So whatever it is, get inspired for your mom because she inspires you,” says Erica.

Go to psimadethis.com for more DIY tips, tricks and other inspirational ideas.