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The Doctors star links oral health to overall health

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Did you know overall health starts in your mouth? Dr. Travis Stork tells us one in two people, two out of three diabetics and 70% of pregnant women suffer from gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums which, if not treated, can lead to bigger health issues, like periodontitis. "This is one of the leading causes of tooth loss, where that inflammation can actually cause bone loss in your mouth, and that is irreversible," says The Doctors star.

The good news is, gingivitis is reversible if you manage the growth of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. "I always tell people to use something they know is effective," says Dr. Stork, "The Crest Pro Health Clinical line is focusing on reducing gingivitis, and people who use it will find that they have a healthier mouth in just one week."

Brushing twice a day, flossing and using oral rinse can not only reverse gingivitis, but also prevent it from returning. Also, try cutting back on your refined sugar intake. Dr. Stork suggests "simple ways" like switching out white breads and pastas for the whole grain variety. If you're a soda lover, try taking seltzer water and spritzing it with some of your favorite fruit. Oranges and seltzer water is the doc's big go-to.

As for exercise, the doctor's mantra is simple: Sit less, stand more. "Just walking 30 minutes a day can really benefit our overall health and not only potentially add years to your life, but improve your emotional health as well," says Dr. Stork.

Last, but not least, stress less and make sure to get in your eight hours of sleep a night. According to Dr. Stork, "All those things together can really improve overall health."

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