Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Firth, Magic Johnson and more attend NY premiere of Kingsman: The Secret Service

Michael Caine, Sam Jackson and Colin Firth team up for an action-packed, comic book-inspired spy comedy

From the LifeMinute Team

The red carpet was rolled out in Chelsea for the New York premiere of Kingsman: The Secret Service, Director Matthew Vaughn's wild and witty action-comedy send-up of the spy genre. The film, based on the comic book "The Secret Service" and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine and Colin Firth, follows the adventures of a super-secret independent international intelligence agency.

"It's about a secret organization referencing King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, so we have this code of chivalry," explains Firth, "And we're like an equivalent of knights."

And along for the ride is an ambitious group of recruits, played by a roster of Young Hollywood's up and coming stars, including Actress Sophie Cookson... "I play Roxy, who is one of the only female candidates trying to get into the Kingsman. It's a complete roller coaster; you'll come out thinking 'What have I just seen?' in the best possible way," says Cookson, adding, "And everyone keeps saying Sam Jackson's behind me and I keep going, 'Where?' It's, I know, an honor to be doing this."

Basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson was among the celebs excited to check out the film. "Sam Jackson and I, we're really good friends," says Johnson, "So we're here to support him, and we're movie people so we love good movies."

Actress Sofia Boutella, who plays Gazelle, promises, "You'll come out of the movie theater, and you'll remember you had a good time," a sentiment also echoed by her co-star Jack Davenport, "It's this kind of, you know, funny high-end escapist good time, really."

Kingsman: The Secret Service opens nationwide on February 13. And for more info, check out

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