The Dos And Don'ts of Taking the Perfect School Picture

Look at ease and say cheese with these tips covering everything from what to wear to how to smile

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

September 14, 2023

National School Picture Day is September 14. Here are Dos and Don’ts to help you and your family members strike an effortless, fun, painless pose.

DO practice smiling a few times in the mirror and try a few different facial angles the night before. The idea is to enjoy it and look natural when smiling. To do so first, relax face and jaw muscles and think of something that makes you happy or say “money” to achieve that natural smile. Also, don’t forget to engage your whole face and smile with your eyes as well.

DON’T stay up late the night before. Without a good night’s rest, skin can become dehydrated, and fine lines and pores may appear more noticeable. Quality sleep should help ward off crankiness too.

DO let children choose their outfits. For younger kids, set out a few options in advance. Participating in the process can help them feel more comfortable and confident. That can translate on camera.

DON’T wear tops with slogans, characters, or pronounced logos – they’re distracting. Same for large hair accessories and hats. Nix sleeveless and low-cut tops. A cropped photo could make you appear topless. Stay away from bright or neon colors too. They can overpower the frame and leave color casts on the skin. Select grey, tan, or cream if the backdrop is black. Otherwise, you might look like a floating head.

DO embrace medium-to-dark solid colors in shades like blue, purple, and green. Make sure if given an option to choose the background color, it doesn’t clash with the color of your outfit.

DON’T leave shirts, pants, and jumpers wrinkled, untucked, baggy, or beltless. Schools with uniform policies often have multiple clothing options, allowing for mixing and matching, giving you the flexibility to create a unique, flattering style without breaking the rules.

DO schedule haircuts a couple of weeks before picture day. Freshly cut hair, especially a shorter style, may not lie at ease.

DON’T go overboard on jewelry. Avoid wearing chunky and dangly pieces. The focus should be on your smile. When in doubt, less is more.

DO keep makeup natural-looking. If age-appropriate and within school guidelines, a semi-matte foundation can prevent the camera flash from picking up too much shine. Select a neutral eyeshadow or fill in brows by going a shade lighter than your natural color, then top off with a soft touch of black eyeliner and mascara, a subtle hint of blush or bronzer, and a light-colored lip gloss.

DON’T take on a brand-new makeup look. This is not the day for experimentation. Say no to sunscreens or makeup with SPF, shine, or shimmers. SPF can cause you to look washed out, and shimmer can make your face look oily.

DO relax and have fun. There’s nothing like school photos.

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