Ideas for Planning an Epic Girls' Night In

Ask your besties to come aboard potluck and other entertaining suggestions that go beyond a wine night

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

September 22, 2023

Hosting a gal's night in can be a fun, silly, and relaxing way to catch up with friends. Here are some celebratory ideas to mark National Girls’ Night In Day this September 22.

Dress the Part
Invite guests to dress up as an iconic fictional female character from a movie or an inspiring woman from history. Ask one friend to be the photographer for the night, capturing fun poses on their phone to share with everyone. Have guests vote on the “Most Epic” dressed.”

Create a Playlist
Music that matches the theme of your party; a la “I’m Every Woman” or “Ladies Night” Anyone? 

Hire a Chef
Pool your money together to get a chef to cook a meal or to host a cooking class. Decide ahead of time with the group what will be served or taught.

Go Potluck
Ask each girlfriend to create a different charcuterie board to bring to the party; such as an antipasto board, a hot wings board, a cookies and cupcake board, etc.

Game Play
Enjoy a spirited evening filled with games. There are unlimited options, including charades, Trivial Pursuit, Prosecco pong, Twister, even Amazon Alexa-enabled ones; Song Quiz, Truth or Dare, or a battle of wits game you can play on your smartphones, such as Quiplash.

Gift Exchange
Each bestie brings one wrapped gift and guests pick names from a bag to determine who receives your gift.

Zen Night
Relax with a small group of friends in comfortable clothes like leggings or sweatpants and experience a restorative yoga or guided meditation class on YouTube. Treat guests to a mat (inexpensively priced online or at a big-box store). Provide a refreshing, signature fruit-infused water such as blueberries, lemon, and mint. Afterward, serve bowlful-themed snacks such as: a burrito bowl with rice and beans, leafy greens, raisins and nuts, fresh fruit and Greek yogurt parfaits.

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